The Importance of Foundation Integrity

Your home foundation is the most important part of your home. This is because it holds the whole thing together. Without the foundation being in good condition or being repaired as necessary then you could be in for some giant consequences.

Foundation cracking can cause your whole foundation to crumble. That means: No more house. If your foundation has cracks in it then it can become un-level. This can be because it wasn’t level in the first place. Having all that weight shifted onto your foundation is going to cause your house and your foundation to buckle.

Home Insurance Concerns

Some home insurance plans don’t count neglect as part of the plan. If it is found that you have been negligent to maintain your home and take care of problems, you will be at fault when it collapses and they won’t pay for your repairs. This is why home maintenance is constantly pressed topic.

Of course some jobs may be pricier than others but it will definitely keep you safe and readjust the value of your house. Your safety of course is most important but also with a bad foundation you will never be able to sell your house. You will be getting a small fraction of the price you would if the foundation was good.

Basement Concerns

Houses with basements are especially important to keep a good foundation to hold value. You have to make sure that it is level so there is even weight being distributed in the house. As soon as it becomes un-level and there is more pressure on one side that can cause cracking and eventual caving in of the whole house.

Foundation rotting in combination with that can have your house coming down in a very short time. Your foundation can rot from being wet with water from the rain falling off the roof or from plant roots getting close to the house and breaking in to the cement. Animals and bugs can come and infest your house and your foundation if this happens. You can get leaks and also get electrical and even plumbing problems.

Stay on Top of it

There is a lot to keep an eye out for when it comes to your house foundation. It is highly encouraged to act quickly on repairs. The last thing you want is a failing foundation system on your home inspection. Not only is that a red flag for potential home buyers, but it is a costly repair out of your pocket.